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Elena Katz, D.M.D., MsCD  Nova SE University School of Dentistry. Prosthodontics  F.A.C.D.  Residency at Beth Israel Hospital, Newark, NJ, Fellow-World Clinical Laser Institute. Over 30 years expirience. America's Top Dentists 2008-2016.

Diplomate the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

At the dental practice of Dr. Elena Katz, we believe communication is the key to successful treatment. Starting with your initial visit, Dr. Katz will take the time to talk with you about your previous dental experiences and about your expectations for your future dental care. Throughout your treatments, Doctor and her staff will work with you to ensure that you understand your options and that you are ultimately satisfied with the way that your mouth looks and feels.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Cosmetic Gum Surgery
Surgery of any type (especially dental) sends chills up the spine. However, cosmetic gum surgery performed by a qualified cosmetic dentistry expert is relatively simple and can greatly improve the appearance of your smile.

Cosmetic surgery is mainly the solution to two types of problems: the "long tooth" look and the "gummy smile". Both of these conditions are usually caused by aging, gum disease or poor oral hygiene. They progressively grow worse with age. Cosmetic gum surgery can also help people with collapsed gums in the area of a missing tooth, blackened areas between implants, crowns or other teeth and tooth sensitivity caused by receding gums.

The "long tooth" look is caused by receding gums or a bad bite. As we age, our gums naturally shrink and recede. This can leave your teeth overexposed at the gum line.

The "gummy smile" is caused by excess gum tissue, which causes the teeth to appear too short. People with a gummy smile often feel self-conscious about the amount of gum tissue visible when they smile.

How is Cosmetic Gum Surgery Performed?

The two main types of cosmetic gum surgery, used to correct the long tooth look and the gummy smile, differ. The gummy smile corrective surgery reduces the excess gum and bone. The cosmetic dentist typically uses a laser to perform this type of surgery. A soft-tissue laser removes excess gum tissue while a specialized laser cuts away excess bone.

The procedure for correcting the long tooth look works in much the same way as a skin graft. Your cosmetic dentist removes healthy skin from the roof of the mouth and grafts it onto the gum line. The result is a natural looking, reinforced gum line.

Before undergoing any type of cosmetic gum surgery, discuss the procedure thoroughly with your cosmetic dentist. This procedure may be just one aspect of an overall plan with several components to improve your smile. Cosmetic gum surgery might be complimented with the use of veneers, bridges, crowns or other cosmetic dentistry treatments to get your smile looking its best. This might require more than one cosmetic dentist if all of the procedures are to be completed at once.

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